Harvest Moon: Gritty Reboot


Sooo I know I talk about Harvest Moon a lot but that’s only because the series is oh-so-near to my big, pumping heart.  Therefore I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with my Harvest Moon shenanigans for a while, but I promise they’re good shenanigans! <3

The above video is sooo freakin’ funny, especially if you’re a Harvest Moon fan as there are quite a bit of series-related jokes within.


GAAAAAH KAREN!!!! You were always such a bitch. That’s why I always swooned Ann.


  1. If that was a real movie, I’d totally watch it.

    Man, I have’t played a HM game since the SNES one. I have other ones to play, I just haven’t got around to playing them.

    • Right?! I would too! I think my last fave Harvest Moon game was Tree of Tranquility on Wii. Er, maybe that was the last console release. I dunno. But SNES and Back to Nature are the best ones!

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