How I know when my mom has been at my apartment:

Sometimes my mom likes to swing by my place and do motherly things, like, clean up my apartment. (I think it gives her some sort of good mommy-juju or something.) This goes without saying, but it’s ¬†always very evident when my mom has wrapped one of her Operation: Clean-Up-Britt’s-Apartment-While-She’s-Not-Home missions — not only because I’m greeted by a nice, clean and tidy apartment, but because things just seem…off.


God, I love that woman.


    • HAHA! The throw is upside-down. IT’S THE TRIFORCE, MAN! It needs to be properly displayed at all times! ;D

      • By God! The TRIFORCE! of course!!! I know not of what I speak though, I did not Zelda in my life, perhaps in another I shall…… Kudos on you Mama Brombacher, someone has to clean that cave!

    • I think it’s just that the triforce and crest are upside down on the blanket. Still looks kind of cool though. It’s the thought.

  1. If by “displayed properly you mean hanging like a rich tapestry on the wall instead of thrown across the back of a couch where it could be knocked on the floor or some such blasphemy. Moms rule, but you would avoid this issue by hanging it on the wall.

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