How Girls Look While Gaming

Yes, this is the same girl.

Sorry guys, but this is the truth. I know because I, believe it or not, am a female. I know I am a female because I possess lady parts that technically define me as a person of the female variety.

And as much as I’d like to contribute to this myth that female gamers tend to button mash whilst all dolled up in itty bitty underthings, I hate to say it usually doesn’t happen that way — generally we’re sprawled on the couch in our oversized sweats paired with XXXXL t-shirts we won at conventions with drastic morning breath.

It’s time you knew the truth.


  1. I know you’re lying because gaming companies don’t make XXXXL clothes available.


  2. (Decapitates Mouth of Sauron)
    I do not believe it! I will not!

    I didn’t need to know what the other side of the web connection looked like if I couldn’t see it. We were happy in our imaginations.

    On the other hand, sweats are alright, they are so comfy

  3. The top pics are missing a pink controller. Because obviously all girls play with a pink controller.

    I grew up with a female gamer, so I was kinda dumbfounded by the whole female gamer stereotype when I first came across it. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some guys to accept that girls are just normal people playing games like they are.

  4. As a female gamer, I’ll say that I mostly agree. I do tend to be more laid back and more like the male gender-role. However, I think I look damned sexy in a tank top and sweatpants, and sometimes I do have my eye make up on.

  5. Damn, You can clean up but dont post photos of it. There is a reason why girls put on makeup when the go outside.

    • And there is also a reason girls die of anorexia, have so many plastic surgeries that they don’t even look human anymore, and get skin diseases from wearing too much make-up 24/7. Idiotic and sexist dudes like you that can’t except the fact that we were born to fulfill our dreams, not spending our lives in the kitchen and between your legs. I am not a feminist (in fact, I find most of them to be really annoying and naggy), but I can’t take it when douche bags like you try to get yet ANOTHER girl to ruin her life or even end it by trying to to tell them they are ugly and worthless unless they look like a barbie doll. I am a female gamer and I am probably the manliest person you’ll ever meet with no dick. DEAL WITH IT~! xP

  6. You are getting me all hot and bothered talking about baggy sweat pants and XXXXL tee shirts. Can’t hardly contain myself

  7. …never have a seen a woman so beautiful than in the bottom two pictures. The true beauty of the reaction to a cheap death can never be discounted. It is art in its purest form. Now, show us the face when you t-bag corpses.

  8. I wear unfashionable clothes while playing on the computer, I admit. It’s only rarely that I wear a nice outfit while playing on the computer. Yeah,they don’t make XXXXL clothing in gaming companies, just plus size stores (which are rare, unfortunately). Just XXL clothing- which I do wear.

  9. Disgustingly sexist picture. I like video games. I just hate gamers themselves because they like to perpetuate retarded and sexist stereotypes. Then there’s the uber video game addiction denial.

    • And yes I mean the top and bottom pictures are both equally sexist. If we’re going to default to stereotypes, then we might as well make the girls in both pictures extremely obese too.

    • btw the one on the top isn’t sexy. And the one on the bottom suffers from mental retardation. That’s full on mental retardation, not raging/engaged. This is a lose lose situation for all gamers, male or female.

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