Holy Shit, Halo 2 Anniversary’s Cutscenes. Umff.

Holy mother of Alistair. I can’t. I just…I just can’t take it all in. Blur Studio (a studio we should all thank for some of the most amazing CG we’ve seen in games) deserves our collective praises because, well, damn.

I didn’t play through all of the Halo games until a year or two ago, soooo I was a bit late to the party. I can only imagine how nostalgic watching this must be for those who played Halo 2 when it first launched in 2004.

Halo 2 Anniversary comes with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The collection launches next month on Xbox One.

I’ll say it again: damn.


  1. As impressive as those cut scenes are, and they are impressive, I’d be more impressed if they were made with in game footage.

    • I hear ya. Even if the in-game stuff was awful (which we know it won’t be) I’d play just to see the CG! >___<

  2. Those really are fantastic cutscenes. Though, Steve Downs’ (Master Chief’s) voice brings to mind criticisms of Peter Dinklage in Destiny. Ol’ MC’s imperturbable voice acting was considered the quirk of character, but I think that might be that Bungie lacks good voice directors. They get good performances out of real voice actors, but Downs is a DJ and Dinklage isn’t really a voice actor. Still, sick cutscenes.

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