Videogame History Museum

Remember E3? Y’know, that event that happened about two months ago? Yeah. Forget about the new ‘n shiny games for a second. There was something at that convention that really blew me away and greatly pleased the game collector that lurks deep inside my loins. Also, I just wrote loins. That just sounds gross.

Oh hell yes. There was an entire section on the show floor dedicated to the Videogame History Museum. You can find out WAAAAY more information on their website, but in a nutshell the Videogame History Museum aims to preserve gaming artifacts of old so people like myself can drool over all of them. Hello, best museum EVER.

I personally snapped most of the photos below, but mixed in are are some photos off of the Videogame History Museum’s Facebook page.

BOOXEEESSSSSSS!!! I have a thing with boxes.

I’m sad to say I don’t own a Power Glove :(

Wouldn’t this be perfect in, like, a kitchen? …God, no one is ever going to want to live with me.

Most. Fitting. Couch. Ever.

I gave this station a few whirls. It made me want to see if any of my three Atari systems actually work. >_>;
Um. I just noticed that homeboy to the right is sporting a Dragon Age II shirt. YESSSSSSSSS.
The titles of these books crack me up!!!
Winning at ET? Is that even a thing that’s possible?

“Our vision for the museum is to establish a physical research facility and reference library based in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area. In addition to serving as a workshop for our archiving efforts, the museum will house interactive exhibits to educate the industry and public alike as to the storied history of the videogame industry. The museum will also feature special events and keynote presentations from key historical industry figures and will eventually play host to the annual Classic Gaming Expo.”

You can bet your ass I will do everything in my power to find a secluded part of that museum and live in it forever. Or until they find me camped out, that is. Then I’ll just have to find another secluded area to thrive in.


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