Halloween Horror Nights 2013


Around, oh, 2:00 PM yesterday I hadn’t the slightest clue what Halloween Horror Nights was — but by 2:10 I had tickets purchased and was scouring the internet for appropriate flights and hotels.

Er, yeah. Have I ever mentioned I’m a spontaneous person. So, what triggered my insta-buy? A FRIGGEN’ TWEET I SPOTTED WHILE CASUALLY PERUSING MY TIMELINE.

Seeing as anything to do with Resident Evil is an instant eye-boner I had to investigate. There, I saw this:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, did it. That was ALL it took. I guess I’m going to Orlando this October! I sill don’t know exactly what to expect, but all I know is that there will be a Resident Evil themed haunted house that I CANNOT miss. Like, seriously, if I missed it I would probably — and literally — regret it for the rest of my lifestones’ gleaming light. (What?) Visiting ANYTHING IRL-esque themed with Resident Evil shenanigans has always been a sort of bucket list for me. Growing up I always imagined how, well, fun, it would be to explore Raccoon City, the mansions, etc., and I feel like this might be one of the closest opportunities I’ll ever have.

I. Can’t. Wait.

It also sounds like there’s a haunted house themed after The Walking Dead, so, you know, this trip just became even more amazing.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Tickets are now on sale!


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