Halloween 2012

Last Halloween I was Mario.

This year…I am Link.

(What’s up with me dressing up as men? Maybe it’s the inner-dude in me trying to escape.)

Yandy.com recently reached out to me with a selection of Gamer Costumes for Halloween. I immediately jumped on the “Green Adventurer” costume and asked if they’d be willing to part with one for “review” purposes, and they were eager to send one my way!

Guys, I’m going to fucking LARP so hard in this thing. Sure, it looks a little Robin Hood-ish without the sword and shield (which I’ll be rocking, by the way) but that takes me to something I really like about Yandy — they don’t take these costumers seriously — and I paste directly from our email conversation: “Please feel free to applaud or make as much fun of these costumes as you’d like. We make these to be funny so we love it when people find the humor in them.”

Now I must practice my grunting and somersaulting. I must be as legit as possible.

Anyone else dressing up as a game character for Halloween?



  1. Are you going to complete the look with white tights? I suppose to keep it girly, you could do white stockings or some shiz. Just seems not quite complete without that touch, though.

    Cuz you know I’m fashionable. :D

  2. The fact that they told you to make fun of them is freaking awesome. That made me click the link to see what other things they had, but unfortunately they only sell stuff for women. They’re still awesome though!

    • EXACTLY! I mean, with costumes like this you can’t take yourself seriously. Also, I’m sure you’d look just fine in lady things. <3.

  3. This appears to come with shorts, so you won’t have the same problem as last year, which is good. Awesome costume, though now Link will remind of this model you have posted and Super Smash Brothers is going to get a little strange. Lol

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