This is the epitome of happy.

I think my Google SNAFU post made it pretty evident I was at the end of my rope and was nothing short of desperate. I mean, I hadn’t had access to my gmail or YouTube accounts in over two weeks and was like, getting the e-shakes. I had reached out to Google’s Account Recovery Team (what a joke) four or five times, spoken with two customer service “agents”, left two calls at their Seattle office and even tried contacting Google Adwords to no avail.

I honestly thought I was never going to get my account back.

Now, some of you might be thinking “BIG DEAL! It’s just an email account!” WELLLLLLLLL unfortunately I had many important business-y emails tied to Britt5091@gmail.com, not to mention that’s the account I use to log into YouTube and I’ve been building my subscriber base and adding videos on that account for years. So, it was kinda¬† a big deal. Not to mention I was completely locked out of my Google + account because of all of this.


But then my dear friend Beez suggested contacting Google Press, so I sent them an epic email with an epic attachment detailing all of my account information.

I didn’t think I’d get a response, buuuut…

Dearest Andrea,

I know you not, but if I did I would treat you to a night filled with hot wings, Gameworks and nude Alistair fanart.

But for serious, guys, that’s how it goes — you can spend two weeks going through the motions and get absolutely nothing in return, or you can get desparate and try every single soul on this planet until you get what you need.

BEEZ — I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. Next time I see you I’m so buying you some plastic army men from the dollar store to show you my appreciation. <3.


  1. I don’t know if she would enjoy that night out as much as you would but congrats on getting your account back.

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