Half-assed update! <3

I’ve been running around like necromorph with it’s limb cut off since Friday, trying to get all of my shit hung up and organized. And let me tell you, I have a lot of shit.

Actually, I’m amazed at how much effin’ shit I have. My old room was SO tiny, yet I was able to fit SO much junk (let me rephrase that…amazing junk) in every corner and crevice. Anywho, I finally put all of my games in the DVD tower-thing! Lookie!

To be completely honest, I thought I had more games than this. ::pouts:: Buuuut a lot of my boxed stuff (collector’s editions, mostly) won’t fit in the tower, and I’ve had to buy another shelf to accommodate some of ’em.

I am STILL in desperate need of another cabinet, and shelving (I want to put some of my older consoles on them!)

MAH VIEW. And my...glowing monitor?

So there you have it, a half-assed update on my woman cave. I’m not responsible for any grammar/spelling/sentence structure errors.



  1. That’s pretty awesome! Congrats..after seeing the pic of stuff all over the room, I really thought you’d be there for the next few days trying to get it onto a shelf! A cool thing to try if you want to show off all of the details of whats in your collection would be to get a high res image (or 4 images stitched together or something) and then submit it to zoom.it…then people could browse through and admire things in detail. I’m curious to know things like if you have a snes M.U.L.E. cart, or other random rare items

  2. Quite honestly, you have the most impressive collection i’ve seen from a girl gamer. I listened to one of the more recent n00bketeer podcasts where you mentioned you had a few duplicate games. Um… contest or a give-a-way soon!? :)

    • Also, while you organized your game collection – were there any games that you made a mental note to play soon?

      I keep telling myself to go back and play Valkyire Profile and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete on the PS1.

      • Nah, to be honest I just threw everything up there. I tried to stick by platform, buuut I just found another box of random games so that kind of defeats that. Eventually I’ll take “inventory” and organize them better :)

  3. SHIT, SON. With so many games at your disposal, how have you had time to play them all and -not- get fat and/or become socially impaired?
    That’s so not a serious question. Sort of. wut.

    But seriously, that is quite a collection. I’m a little envious.

  4. Any rhyme or reason as to how you organized your game collection? Or was it however the stuff fit and looked nice? Just curious cause I noticed Snes games on two different shelves for example.

  5. I think I speak for everyone when I say holyyy shit that’s a lot of stuff haha, like I know you’ve told everyone for a long time there’s a lot but even seeing it now is like woahh.

    I remember awhile back you had said on a blog you were looking for a way to like track it all, well if your still looking for one I suggest The Backloggery. I have an account on it and it works great and best of all its free! And who doesn’t like free stuff? But besides tracking what games you have it also lets you mark the games as whether you beat it or not and other details like that. If you wanna look into it and see an example of how it looks filled out here’s a link to mine — http://backloggery.com/main.php?user=pommer299

  6. nice collection…i dont have that many cuz i never had th money to buy so much but i do have quite a collection as well.

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