Goodwill Hunting

I’ve been on a Goodwill videogame-hunting shtick lately. Like, I used to try scouring Goodwill every once in a while, but I’d never find anything with the exception of a random Genesis controller or something. But lately I have been on a friggen’ ROLL – and I’m not necessarily saying the items I’ve found are amazeballs, because they aren’t, but I’m like a drug addict; as soon as I find ONE legit item of the gaming paraphernalia variety I’m hooked for life. Or until I stop finding things.

Take a look at my loot from last night.

I’m pretty sure I already own all of these things minus the Quake II guide, Quake II StrategyMaster and Darkwatch. But when each game is only 2-3 bucks a pop, how can one say no? HOW, DAMN YOU?!! (I swear I don’t have any issues I swear I don’t have any issues I swear I don’t have any issues…)

Now, this thing called Quake II StrategyMaster (upper left corner) — does ANYONE know what this thing is? I mean, a normal person would have thoroughly read the back of the box but seeing as I am far from normal I only skimmed through it…it looks like it’s a video walkthrough or something? What is this I don’t even.

Also, I may or may not have two or three more bags of Goodwill finds at my apartment, awaiting another videogame haul video.

God help me.


  1. … I don’t think it counts as a good find if you already have it….

    That’s not sayin’ that I’ve never bought a freakjng useless polka record at Goodwill. Damn it, Goodwill!

  2. I never rebuy anything I own unless it offers some kind of improvement or added value.

    But it’s your money to waste as you see fit! :P

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