Goku vs Superman: Epic Rap Battle

;______; That…that was BEAUTIFUL! And fucking hilarious. My favorite line: (MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST!)

“You want justice I’ll bust this nut up in your Chi-Chi!”

BAHAHAHAHA LOST IT. That being said, Goku won. Goku always wins. Even when he dies. Because he’s Goku.


  1. I was watching ScrewAttack’s Superman Vs. Goku Deathmatch today, which was comparing 86′ Supes (because Silver Age and before, the writers just made up powers) to Goku as of GT, but used all official resources. Supes won, but only because Goku gave him a fair fight (when exposed to Kryptonite, Goku destroyed it for Supes.)

    That’s not to say I prefer Superman, but only because DC stupidly OP (I mean, in the Marvel Vs. DC crossover in the 90’s, no-super-strength Batman whupped Captain America. CAP.) Goku gets stronger after every fight, and has more personality. Which is saying a lot, because I’m not a huge DBZ fan. I’d actually like to see the fight redone with Saiyan God (as seen in the DBZ movie from last year[?]) taken into consideration.

    But yeah, Goku won the rap battle at least.

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