Update: Looks like most cities are already sold out, but 20% of tickets will eventually go to those on waiting lists. So get on one, and hopefully you’ll get in! 

Once again Sony will be live-streaming their E3 press conference in theaters, and tickets are now available. Not only are tickets free, but attendees will also receive free Sony swag at the event. (Lucky bastards.) Every state has at least one participating theater, and three cities in Canada are also partaking in the awesomeness. Good shit.

From what I hear, tickets quickly depleted last year so get yours ASAP!

I think this is awesome. If I wasn’t going to be at the conference in person, I would most definitely attend one of these things. Trust me, watching these conferences with a crowd of people is so much more enjoyable than watching alone, not to mention the energy in the room is electric and contagious. (Of course, this is assuming you won’t be stuck with a lame crowd who doesn’t cheer.)

Let me know if you plan on going! >___<


  1. I will be now thanks to you mentioning it! I’ll be heading to the one in Buffalo, I was surprised that there was even a theatre near me that’s holding the event.

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