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I only recently completed Dragon Age: Inquisition, and while I have yet to officially “review” it, I just want all of you to know that it has, like, found a permanent place on my top ten list of favorite games of all time of ever. Umfffff.

BioWare has temporarily released the oh-so-beautiful and mesmerizing “Tavern Songs” you can find in the game for the low, low price of free. Come February 9th, however, they’ll be put up for sale. AKA you’ll need to spend money to acquire ’em. So don’t wait too long!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. In addition to the songs you’ll also receive PDFs of the sheet music, which is rad if you’re musically talented and all that good stuff. (Hey, maybe now you can enter the Fan Celebration Contest BioWare is hosting!) As for me, I once took clarinet lessons from a man who had a beard that resembled a weird herb I’ve only seen in my mother’s cooking, so clearly I’m overqualified.

GOGOGO! –> Inquisition Tavern Song Giveaway

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  1. Free video game scores AND their respective sheet music? Count me in! THANKS~ I haven’t played any of the Dragon Age games (I got an email for a free download of Origins but didn’t claim it in time and that bummed me out for a while) YET but I plan on it eventually! (:<

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