Garage Sale Weekend #2: The Hunt Continues

Like I’ve said before, I love garage sales.

I love them for the video games. <333.

But to be honest, this garage sale season has been off to a rather slow and pathetic start. Several weeks ago I went to one of the biggest sales I’ve ever been to, but left with only a dirty Donkey Kong Atari cartridge. :/

Please, try to hold in your excitement.

I also spent the past two weekends in California, and although I spotted a few garage sales while driving around LA with Kc and Greg, I resisted the urge to scratch my way out of the car and scramble to them like a crazy woman. Sooo technically, I’ve only been to one legit sale this year.

Why can't I haul a load like this?! This was from last summer.

Guys, I’m poor. My bank account is recovering from two trips to California, both trips days apart from each other, and there’s no way in hell I’m forking over 60 bucks for a game I ultimately wouldn’t touch for months. Yeah, I said months. In case you’ve forgotten (or haven’t read) I still need to wrap up the DA:O Witch Hunt DLC and get my ass going on Dragon Age 2.

Therefore, I depend on garage sales for my video game-purchasing-fix. I easily can afford two dollar games. NO PROBLEMO.

Another cheap haul from last summer.

Tomorrow I’ll be scavenging two “HUGE” (I put huge in quotes because people tend to lie about this kind of shit on Craigslist) community garage sales, and I’m hoping I find something noteworthy.

If not, I’m blaming YOU.


Not gonna lie, that finger makes me feel uncomfortable. Seriously, just stare at it for a while. Don’t you feel like you’re in trouble? …No? Okay, whatevz. Screw you too.

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