Garage Sale #2 Roundup

Hey guys! Let me show you what I found while rummaging through garage sales last weekend:

Is the picture above working? For whatever reason, it sometimes doesn’t show up on my computer.

Oh. Wait. That’s right.

THERE ISN’T A PICTURE THERE BECAUSE I DIDN’T FIND ANYTHING AT ALL LAST WEEKEND. Seriously, this is getting a little ridiculous. What’s up with these people and their failure at selling video games to me?

‘Cuz now, I’m starting to look like a fool. I rave about garage sales to you guys, defending their awesomeness and swearing by their reliability. Yet, here I am, with nothing to show for it. But I’m determined to show you asshats (I call you an asshat with love, you know that) that garage sales are still full of kickassery. Therefore, I’m going to another huge sale this weekend. It’s going to be bigger than the first one I went to.

I might even order this shirt so I can wear it specifically for the occasion:

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