Gameworks, a Birthday Party and Nickelback

I had a crazy, jam-packed weekend but I <3’d every minute of it! For starters, my buddy Michael had an AWESOME birthday party (at which I was able to catch up with my ex-Zaxy counterpart, Tara) and a few friends and I went out to Gameworks for some cray gaming. Yes, I’m now saying “cray” like all of the cool kids are, for I too wish to be cool. Here — relieve my weekend through photos. (WARNING: some may be blurry. I take no responsibility.)

Tara, Michael and I! We’re all so, erm, photogenic. It was so good to see these two — I missed them hard!
No, he didn’t grow…Tara’s husband is holding Michael up!
Pretending to be cool isn’t easy.
The things Kinect will make you do…I believe we were trying to pick up, uh, fireballs? Yeah. Fireballs.
What is happening I don’t even.
Everyone, say hi to my buddy Kevin. Kevin is holding shots for all of us at Gameworks. Isn’t he a sweetie?
Ohai, crotch grabbing brosephs.
Everyone is thuper therial. RACING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER.
And then there’s yours truly, who couldn’t be serious even if seriousness, like, slapped her and made her its bitch.

Cool story, bro, tell it again.
Fun fact: I lost hard.
They’re playing bask-et-ball…we love that bask-et-ball..



And because I love being harassed, I also went to a Nickelback concert. GO AHEAD. Say how much they suck. I just say it’s the “cool thing” to hate them. ::puts on hazmat:: BRING YOUR WORST!
This is an older picture, but I just found it and thought I would share! Heeeeeeeeere’s Jason! He’s part of the n00bketeers <3




  1. I was wondering if you were going to post anything about Nickelback considering all the grief you got about it on facebook.

  2. I hate to be the honest one here, but Nickelback is still lame.
    Search your feelings, you know it to be true. :D

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