FYI: DISQUS, and comments on my website

Hey guys and gals!

I *think* I successfully switched over to the DISQUS commenting system. And by “successfully” I mean things look a little off and none of the prior comments ya’ll have left me are showing up…yet. Apparently I exported them and they should be up by tomorrow. But who knows. Anyway, just wanted to let you know!!

Can you guys do me a favor and let me know if it looks incredibly wonky on your computer?

THANK YOU!! <333


  1. Everything looks just fine using Firefox 12.0.  No formatting issues are noticeable, with the exception of ‘Add New Comment’ and ‘Showing [x] comments’ being partially obscured by the grey bar above and below the dialogue window.  And the fact that someone has already registered Weebo on Disqus.  Kind of a downer. Other than that the layout of the comments proper look lovely.  In particular, the reply looks cleaner than your old version.

    Good job, BlondeTech.

  2. The bold titles like “Add New Comment” and “Showing # Comments” are partially in the black bars but otherwise looks good.

  3. The borders look a little off on my browser, but that’s probably just my old-ass computer doing that. At least you can still see my lovely face. :D

    Curious… why the switch?

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