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This gif from reddit reminded me of the GameShark levitating code I used to use on Ocarina of Time. And yes, I once was a GameShark FIEND. I mean, hello, there was so much cool shit you could do, like, levitate.  I levitated right over that stupid Kokiri girl who wouldn’t let me leave the Kokiri Forest, I levitated over all of the guards in the Hyrule Castle Courtyard and I even levitated “into” the castle itself where Ganon, the king and the guards were chillin’. Granted there weren’t any solid walls and if I let go of the L button Link would just fall forever, but it was still amazing.

However I soon remembered how I literally bugged out my Super Smash Brothers game by using a GameShark (as a result I can only play the campaign as Mario :/) so I stopped levitating Link’s ass around. But it was a fun ride. <3.


  1. my favorite games to use the gameshark was goldeneye and super mario 64.. and I mean there was literally over a 1000 codes you could input for goldeneye.. good times. sad though when I bricked my gameshark :[

    • I think it just let me play through the campaign without getting hurt — I think I was trying to unlock someone. Can’t remember, though!

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