Flipbook MindFuck


All I can say is I now feel like a lazy bastard for being unable to fathom the amount of time and effort it would take to produce something so balls-amazing. Like, damn. I remember getting frustrated when we had to make five-page picture books in second grade.

Thankfully for us YouTube user etoilec1 apparently has the stamina of a bull because he’s uploaded several of the fantastical flipbook animations on his channel. He even has Dragon Ball Z episodes!

But back to Mortal Kombat: Someday I’ll be good at that game. I mean, it’s not like I’d say I’m not good now…I’ve just mastered the art of, what I like to call, the WTF BUTTON MASHING TECHNIQUE.  It’s quite effective, especially if you don’t know WTF you’re doing. Hence the name WTF BUTTON MASHING TECHNIQUE.

Yeah. It’s a lost art.


  1. very cool and insanely impressive. I know a few traditional animators and this kind of thing is a lot of work and that is with Animation paper (it is slightly translucent paper so you can see what your previous frame looked like with a light table and use it to guide your next frame.). the fact that this guy was able to pull it off without any special tools is crazy. I hope this guy pursues a career in animation cause these flip books are very cool.

    • oOoOOOoh that makes sense! Yeah, me too because damn homeboy is talented! I can’t imagine taking that much time!

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