First Commerical For Nintendo Gameboy

My, how far we’ve come huh?

And I quote: “Plus Game Boy comes with the outrageous, NEW game Tetris!” HAHA! I also love how the commercial makes everything seem revolutionary (and maybe it was for its time) — “LOOK! You can also put EAR BUDS in your ear and listen to the game!”

Ahhhh. <3.  That thing made many ‘a road trip bearable. Some of my favorite games were Kirby’s Dream Land,  Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (what a weird title) and, erm, The Little Mermaid.  (Don’t judge me bro.)

What were your faves?


  1. I remember desperately fighting toof and claw to get Pokemon Blue, only because my brother had Pokemon Red. Ahhh good times!

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