FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster – Valentine’s Day Trailer

Oh, man. I’m trying to remember what age I was when I played Final Fantasy X. 13? 14? Either way, I was a hormone-ridden young teenage girl and I remember being enthralled with the Yuna/Tidus romance. I knew at some point the two were going to make out and, well, let’s just say that’s what drove 82% of my will to get through the story. I NEEDED A VICARIOUS THRILL, OKAY?!

And now I find myself really freakin’ tempted to pick up the remake. Final Fantasy X was a great, GREAT game and although it kind of was the first to stray from the typical Final Fantasy formula (LONG LIVE FINAL FANTASY IX!) I still throughoughly enjoyed the characters, the leveling system as well as FUCKING BLITZBALL ::puffs: which I dominated at. Ah yes. I have fond memories of screaming profanities at my less-than-stellar players.

Did this video also bring back memories for you? And do you think you’ll pick up the remake?


  1. It was you who ultimately made me decide to pick up the remake, the first time you posted about it. So many nostalgia feelz D:

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