January 2015: Thank You, Patrons!

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This post is dedicated to the oh-so-awesome and supportive folks who have pledged to me on Patreon. This is my first month, and I’m so incredibly excited to give you your rewards. (To those of you getting a personalized video from me, I will say this: You are brave souls.) I cannot thank you guys and gals enough. Seriously, thank you. Your support means the world to me.

Aaron Weeks
Roldan Kabatay
Gene Scutaro
Tony Garcia
Patrick Wolf
Erik Harlow
James Fox
Christopher Galloway
Ian Pond
Michael Gonzales
Greg Miller
Garrett Nez
James B. Jones
Marcus Masciarelli
Papa Kenn Media
Tyler Smith
Lilretro Brothers
Josiah Renner
John Ontibero
Chad Tillman
Brien Howard
Patrick Garrity
Jerry Berg
Anthony Zuniga
M Flem Jr
Jason Billingsley
David Metcalf
Josh Lundmark
Lauren Carroll

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  1. I got to admit, I’ve never been happier to see a charge appear on my card than I was yesterday :D
    So excited for the first month, the anticipation is real ^_^

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