Fallout Monopoly

Fallout board

Dear future husband: the expectations I have of you have increased by leaps and bounds.

Reddit user XsimonbelmontX spent EIGHT months creating this Fallout Monopoly board for his wife.

“It is a birthday gift for my wife, who is a huge Fallout fan. It is based on Monopoly, but aside from purchasing properties, collecting rent, and a few other things, the mechanics of the game are completely different.”

Check out some of the pictures of the masterpiece below, but I highly recommend taking a peek at the entire gallery.


player tokens

fallout board 2



I now expect to be proposed to during a custom-made game of Dragon AgeOpoly.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the write-up. I’m really flattered at how many people find this so awesome. I guess working on it so long I was kind of detached and didn’t realize at first how cool the finished product was, but now every time I see it, now that it has been a few weeks, it’s starting to sink in. I’m glad to know 8 months of my life didn’t go to waste. My wife is in love with it, we’ve played quite a few games over the past few weeks and it has been a blast. If only I could make more to share with people…damn copyrights. Thanks again!

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