Expanding the Nerdery

I’m always trying to add more things to my woman cave,  but I think it’s about time that I expand the nerdery into other parts of my apartment. You see, back before this woman cave of mine was a real thing, I always girl-fapped over these awesome Mario wall graphics I spied on the internet:






And now that I have my woman cave,  these graphics should be ALL OVER MY WALLS. But alas, I don’t have any wall space.

I’m serious.

So with no wall space to slap wall graphics on, am I supposed to give up on my childhood dream!??!


As stated above, I am expanding the nerdery; it will ooze out of my woman cave and spread to adjacent surfaces. Like the hallway.

Hahahahaha. Ewwwwwwwww.

Anyway, I just have to order them and stick ’em on. EXCITE!!!

Ohai, hallway.


  1. Do it! Your entire apartment should be filled with video game and nerd stuff. All who enter should know exactly what they are in for! When I get my own place I plan on making the entrance-way in a style that intimidates any potential foe. They will tremble with fear for they know I am a MAN! With knives and stuff! I am totally getting carried away but I will click add comment anyways

    • I know right? I laugh when I read that. And then again when she mentioned the “oozing out of her woman cave”. Ah Britt, you’re awesome.

  2. You don’t have much room for many wall graphics, but i do have a few suggestions:
    1. get some decal things of Ezio, Altair, Mario, Cole McGrath, and Nathan Drake, and…uhh…that chick from mirrors edge… and anyone else who likes to run, jump, and dangle and put them on the edges of posters, or running along shelves, and jumping in the gaps of posters.
    2. An emergency night light and maybe a glade plug in should go in that one empty socket next to the Uncharted 2 Poster. I find Lillac helps me concentrate better when doing a 12 hour marathon of just about anything, and when the power goes out, it’s important to have a back up plan so you don’t accidentally step on or knock over anything.

  3. Thinkgeek.com ftw! You have many posters. I fear I am limited to Kratos and Garrett Hawke. Luckily Cole McGrath IF2 LE Figure is pimping out the shelf. And her name is Faith, cause her jumps make you pray.

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