SOE Live 2014: EverQuest: The Darkened Sea Expansion And More

EverQuest the darkened sea

Can you believe it’s EverQuest’s 15-year-anniversary? It feels like only yesterday I was at my grandparents’ house, ooohing and awwwing over this brand-spankin-new PC game my aunt had brought home. Man, time flies faster than a Cucco with its tail on fire.

EverQuest’s twenty-freakin’-first expansion, The Darkened Sea (which actually takes place during a previous expansion called The Buried Sea) will launch on October 28th for All-Access members, and, if you’re a free-to-play kinda guy or gal, November 11th. With the expansion comes some exciting new shenanigans. For starters — and the everyone seems really excited about this — a mount keyring. Gone are the days of mounts taking up precious space in your inventory. The Buried Sea will also revisit old storylines and characters, something long-time fans are sure to appreciate. Do the names Lanys T`Vyl and Firiona Vie ring a bell?

And hey, what would an expansion be without brand spankin’ new zones? There are eight new zones coming with The Darkened Sea, however only six have been revealed: Combine Dredge, Arx Mentis, Caverns of Endless song, The Lost Castle, Tempest Temple and Thuliasaur Island (AND ISLAND OF DINOSAURS).

darkened sea exp
Screen of Cavern of Endless Song

A few other upcoming changes coming to EverQuest:

  • Level cap will be raised to 105. And wilth a new level cap comes new raids, quests, items, etc. The good stuff.
  • An advanced looting system will be implemented. Basically,  based off of player feedback, this looting system will “learn” what items you want in your inventory, and what items you never want to see again. Think smart, automatic looting that will help rid of the dredded “ninja looter.” (Something every MMO needs!)
  • Starting Monday, August 18th, players will be able to submit robes to the Marketplace. Think about it. Everyone in your guild can MATCH, people.

Mark your calendars. It’s going to be an awesome next couple months for EverQuest. Are you excited?!

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