SOE Live 2104: EverQuest 2: Altar of Malice

altar of malice

Tis the year of EverQuest, folks. EverQuest is celebrating its 15 anniversary, and EverQuest II will be celebrating its 10th come this November. So, how does one celebrate a 10th anniversary? By releasing one of its biggest expansions to date, of course!

Named Altar of Malice, this EverQuest II expansion offers a plethora of new shinies. Let’s take a look at what’s to come in EverQuest II’s future, shall we?

  • Level cap will be raised to 100
  • 14 heroic zones
  • 6 advanced solo zones
  • 2 contested zones
  • 2 overlands
  • 6 raids
  • Level 100 prestige abilities
  • Looting system that will allow accommodate players and help them to customize their playing style
  • Guild level cap will raise to 100
  • Grandmasters for spells up to level 100
  • Rare ancient spell scrolls (these things are going to cause a LOT of damage)
  • PVP deathmatch zone
  • Ability to buy heroic loot from merchants
  • Level agnostic dungeons
  • New zones
  • FREAKIN’ AERAKYN. (A playable race that was announced last year.)


Think of the Aerakyn as winged humanoid dragon hybrids. That’s basically what they look like, right? But they’re gorgeous creatures, and if this is a race you want to dink around with yourself, be prepared to be blown away. You can customize The Aerakyn’s hair color, scale pattern, wings, horns…but the most exciting part is once you reach level 85 with your Aerakyn, you can use those God-given wings and fly, baby, fly

Please note, though, that the Aerakyn race will also be available for purchase separate from the expansion later this year. 

No exact release date has been set, but it’s safe to expect nothing until at least winter.

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