English Episodes of Pokemon Origins

Life has been GOOD lately, hasn’t it?! First we receive news that a new Sonic cartoon is a thing that’s happening, and now we get an English version of Pokemon Origins! >___< I FEEL LIKE A KID AND IT IS AMAZING. (To be clear, I’ve always had the maturity of a child’s, but y’know, this just grinds it to the ground. …Did I just make that saying up? “Grinds to the ground”?)

If you have yet to hear of Pokemon Origins, think of it as four-episode series of awesomeness dedicated to Pokemon Red/Blue. Take it away, Wikipedia!


The series is already out in Japan, but  on November 15th an English version will be streamed on Pokemon TV. MARK. YOUR. CALENDARS. If you simply cannot wait to get your Pokemon fix, I’m pretty sure there are some dubbed versions floating around. But watch at your own risk, because from experience those have typically sucked huge rocky Onyx balls.

I think the reason I’m way more stoked than usual about this effin’ show is because I’ll actually KNOW all of the Pokemon and characters. Growing up I looooooved me some Pokemon cartoonage, but as I stopped collecting the cards I stopped watching the show, and, well, suckage ensued.


  1. Actually watched the dubbed ones and the first three were really good! (Not a fan of anime either or shows I have to read) And only problem with the fourth one for me was that while it was dubbed in english it still had the japanese names for things (charizard was lizardo etc) and it had a pokemon that was def not in red/blue but he was so cool i didnt care.

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