‘Ello, Disneyland!

I wonder if I can LARP in front of this...

And ‘ello to you too, guv’nas!

As per what seems like the norm lately, my ass will be saying “GOODBYE!” to Washington this weekend. But instead of Vegas, Oregon or Puerto Vallarta I’ll be in California!!! After all, it is California season; I always seem to make multiple trips to that damn state every summer and it looks like this summer won’t be an exception.

I’ll be staying with some of my favorite Californians–Kc, Blaire and Grayson–and together we are going to partake in acts of awesomeness. Friday will be spent at Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm (where I will undoubtedly squeal like a little girl every minute I’m there) and while I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what’s happening on Saturday, I can tell you I’ve been told Saturday night will be a night filled with retro gaming. Hello, perfection.

So with that, I will bid adieu! Hope you all have a great weekend and I’m sure I’ll have lots of nonsense and photos for you come Monday! ^_^

(Ahem. Excuse my while I plug my friend: if you don’t know, Kc is the God of We’re Alive, the insanely successful zombie audio drama. It’s the podcast I podcast about in We’re Not Dead, which is the official community podcast for We’re Alive. Confused yet? <3)


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