Elders React To Oculus Rift

I can’t help but wonder if someday I’ll be on one of these reaction videos and be as astonished over technology like some of these people. I mean, having grown up with it I truly believe there isn’t anything we can’t do (unlike some of those adorable folks). And then I realize I’m thinking too much and go back to mindless blogging. Buttsex.


    • Right? It’s kind of a fascinating thought. Can we even have our minds boggled considering the generation that we are?

      • It’s hard to imagine so with our current technology – we haven’t seen the kind of leaps forward like those folks have in the age of computers (that we were practically born into). I predict that someday when we’re old and decrepit there will be something crazy to boggle our minds.

  1. It’s going to be really hard. I think our minds will be Boggled if it’s something we ABSOLUTELY never expected. Which again is really hard, considering all of the stuff we have seen in movies, TV and Video Games. I also think that in the generation we are in, we have created A LOT of new Tech. Now instead creating more new tech, It’s time too refine what we have now and make it better/long lasting.

  2. The guy grabbing his chair at 3:36 is hilarious and makes me wonder how cool VR really is. Although I am sure the 1st gen will be fairly gimmicky I cant wait to try it. There is no way our generation could ever be boggled by tech in the same way. Prolly all the tech we will see we will have already seen in fictional pop culture. I can only speak for myself though, some people are more boggleable than others. When I see ppl at a 3D movie reaching at the screen or ppl swinging a non motion control gamepad around all I can do is shake my head and laugh.

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