E3 2015: Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories


When I heard Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories was a thing you can play at E3, you bet your left nut (or ovary if you’re female) I was all about that. Harvest Moon is my friggen’ jam, guys, and it’s the game I have the biggest weakness to. Like, me starting a new Harvest Moon = no productivity for months.

So yeah. I was stoked to see me some Seeds of Memories.


Unfortunately, when I made my way to the demo station there wasn’t…much…of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories to play. Furthermore, the only playable “demo” was on iOS via iPad, and all that consisted of was tapping the screen to run around and talk to characters. I didn’t even bother with it as there was an actual line to try it out, and seeing as Natsume didn’t have a separate “press” line, I just talked with one of the developers for a bit. He was a super nice guy, but he didn’t divulge any information.

In any case, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories promises to be an ultimate return to Harvest Moon roots, and hopefully we can hear more soon. It’s coming to Wii U, Steam and iOS/Android.

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  1. Sad. The videos I’ve seen don’t look very impressive. If it doesn’t have a lot of depth I think I’ll have to pass. :/

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