E3 2015: Hands-On With Unravel

I can count on one hand the number of times a game has brought tears to my eyes. There’s Lost Odessy, The Last of Us, Mass Effect…maybe one or two more. But if you notice, the aforementioned games are pretty story-driven, so it makes sense that there would be some attachment to characters that could lead to potential tears. Nahm’sayin?

It’s hard to believe that a freakin’ platformer such as Unravel has the capability to bring the wet ‘n salty stuff to my eyes (ZING!). As I’ve stated before, I instantly fell in love with this lil’ gem the moment I saw its unveiling at EA’s press conference. And after playing for 20 or so minutes, I think I’m literally infatuated. Seriously. I need a Yarny doll in my life. (Thankfully I was able to hold one!)


(I almost cried. Again. But I digress.)


The sitrep with Unravel is that you’re this adorable yarn bro named Yarny, who’s trying to reunite an old woman with her memories. At the start of each level you’ll notice Yarny’s “unraveling” begins immediately with the first step taken. As Yarny moves forward he’s constantly losing yarn, and if players fail to find the balls of yarn scattered throughout each level, Yarny will run out, reducing him to a sickly looking wirey character. When this happens, Yarny cannot move forward. That said, it’s not a huge deal, as you can backtrack as far as you’d like (think of it as “raveling”) to find said ball of yarn and replenish yo’self. 

Unravel is a puzzle platformer, and during my demo I came across a few different puzzles. A few times I needed to build a “yarn bridge” by tying Yarny’s…yarn…to two different stumps. The bridge allows Yarny to fling himself in the air and access new areas. Another time I needed to build a “yarn ramp” so I could roll apples across said ramp and drop them in some water, allowing me to use them as a fruity bridge of sorts.


Unravel is radiating with charm. As I proceeded through the level, Yarny would chase butterflies, he would shiver when it started raining, he would trip over dips in the ground — not to mention his facial expressions are freakin spot-on and are reflective of whatever is  going on around him.

If you can’t tell, I’m all about Unravel. Like, ALL about it. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date just yet, but oh man, when we do it’s ON.

For more information, check out Unravel’s official website.

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