E3 2014 | Gameplay Of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Destructoid has released this AWESOME video that highlights some of the best features of the MGS V: The Phantom Pain E3 demo. The demo in its entirety is pretty long (just over 30 minutes) but it’s freakin’ rad, SO if you have 30 minutes to spare I highly suggest watching the whole shebang here

As I’ve stated before, I’ve yet to play a MGS title. I guess growing up they really weren’t my thing, so I’ve never been attached to the series, THUS haven’t gave ‘no damns about the latest releases. But after watching this demo snug as a bug in the Konami booth I’m aching to get my hands on it. Like, we’re talking an ache like a backache after laying in bed for four hours AFTER sleeping for eight thanks to Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. (Which is a thing that totally happened yesterday. Talk about the old woman shuffle.)

SO. I probably should jump into Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Although I think I already have an idea of what’s going to happen because, y’know, spoiler-ific trailers are a thing. Oh well.

Any advice for a MGS newbule like myself?


  1. I’m a newbie myself, started playing Ground Zeroes when it came out (and because a friend recommended it to me), and it’s awesome. If anything, get the Legacy Collection, it has every canon Metal Gear ever created so you can catch up in the story.

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