E3 2014 | Dead Island 2 Reveal Trailer

BAHAHAHAHA! I laugh every. single. time.

Dead Island…man, I only played a bit of the first and while I own Riptide, I haven’t removed it from the collector’s edition. (WHICH is a fucking rad collectors’ edition, bee-tee-dubs.) Actually, I was  *this* close to starting up Riptide a few months ago buuuut the Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 had just come out, so, y’know. I had to be one of the cool kids and try the oh-so-new and shiny console.

I’m hitting up Deep Silver’s booth tomorrow, so I should have some hot and fresh impressions for your fine assess. Until then, feel free to be like yours truly and watch this trailer a million and a half times. My favorite part is when the guy turns into a zombie. <3



  1. I LOVE this trailer, they picked a PERFECT song for it too! I love when his arm implant falls and splatters all over the ground. XD

  2. As an LA-native, I love how they showed the Venice Boardwalk – the whole scene is incredible eye candy. Oh and great use of “The Bomb” by Pigeon John, too. It’s perfect, why do we have to wait for this game to come out???

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