E3 2011: Lighting a Fire Under Yer’ Ass

I’m currently sitting in the airport two hours before my flight to Seattle boards. For those that don’t follow me on Twitter, I sorta-kind almost missed my flight to Los Angeles Sunday morning. I overslept, took forever getting ready (I am a female, after all) and had to recruit a friend to finish packing. Yep, that’s right. Good ol’ Britt here had to have a friend assist in finalizing packing at 5:30 in the morning. HEH.

Seriously guys, had I been five minutes later I would have missed my flight. I was literally running through the airport while my name was being called on the intercom system. Bahahaha. People were yelling “Run Brittney!” and everything. It was just like a movie.

So yes, I made sure I got to LAX with plenty of time to spare, which gives me time to sit on my ass and think about the past few days. All in all, it was a fantastic trip. I attended three press conferences (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo), ran into a few folks from Twitter (Hi Ian, Phil and Tal!), indulged in free food and drink courtesy of Sony (oh, there was also a kickass concert by Jane’s Addiction) aaaand went hands-on with a few unreleased 3DS games (Super Mario, Mario Kart and Luigi’s Mansion 2).

Not to sound emo or anything, but I am SO freakin’ bummed that I wasn’t able to get into the show floor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful that I was able to do the aforementioned things and I’m definitely not taking my experiences for granted, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting as I walked by the Los Angeles Convention Center in all its nerded-out glory. Oh, and when I saw a magazine at the airport featuring Skyrim on the cover, it kind of hurt too.

But that’s where my complaining ends. I could bitch and sulk all day, but where would that get me? In fact, where does that get anyone? Complaining about something without actually doing something about it only wastes time that could be spent working towards that goal, dream, or whatever.

I’m going to post a personal goal of mine. This time next year, I want to be inside the E3 show floor on my accord. I want to gain access under my brand name, BlondeNerd. It’s very ambitious, but not too off the rocker where it’s not possible. To get there I’m going to have to post more written content, more videos, up the ante on my social networking, advertising, etc.

SEE?! Now I’m excited, and this is exactly what I’m talking about. Instead of loathing in jealousy or self-pity, use those emotions to fuel your motivation. Dream big. You might be surprised where it gets you. Hell, it’s gotten me this far already.


PS: There are a few of you reading this that have the same ambitions I have. I’d love to see ya’ll at E3 next year. So make it happen and we’ll indulge on beer and hot wings together <3.


  1. I guess this is as good a place as any to set a goal. I am going to make a bad ass 3D modeling reel and hand it to blizzard during this years blizzcon.

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