E.T: I’m Going to Make Things Right


Over the weekend I ventured to my stomping grounds (AKA GameWorks) and sometime during the night I stumbled across this helpless, stuffed E.T. I decided to punch it in the face, because hey, it’s E.T. and its video game is notorious for being one of the worst things ever produced on this planet (besides always-on DRM requirements).

Shortly after this act of violence, however,  it dawned on me that I have never played E.T.  Guys, I felt so terrible for introducing my fist to his face without reason I immediately considered anger management classes. I mean, who am I to judge? As far as I know E.T. could be the best video game of all time and this entire “E.T. SUCKS!” bit could very well be an inside-joke within the gaming industry I’m taking too literally.

I decided to make things right.

Et bought 1

ET bought

Yes. I will soon try this game out for myself and make my own decision. Who knows? I might replace my Dragon Age shrine with an E.T. shrine after all of this is over.


  1. I don’t even like E.T. (just the character in general), but for some reason I feel bad for that plush. He looks so innocent, yet you just came and BRITT SMASHed him in the face. Probably deservedly so, but still.

    Also, without knowing how much you paid for that copy of the game, I’m sure it would have been cheaper to just dig out a copy from that giant hole in the desert. They should all be in perfect working order because ancient alien technology went into making the game. Or something.

    • Bahahhaha, so true! Thankfully it only cost me five bucks. But still, I should have gone on a treasure hunt for ET!

  2. Inundated by residual radiation from Nevada test sites, from deep below the New Mexico desert, IT awoke. With inhuman intelligence IT placed itself for sale on the Internet, and waited for an unsuspecting victim to buy IT…

    Britt, I fear you are one negligee gaming session away from a horror movie. Please film it so when the authorities discover the footage, it can serve as a warning.

    And if nothing happens, you can pop the myth of the ET game once and for all by posting the video.

    P.S. This request has nothing to do with wanting to see you in a negligee.

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