Dying Light Short Live-Action Film

Damn, this is super-duper impressive. Techland and Flying Carpet Studio did a wonderful job at capturing the atmosphere of Dying Light. (I mean, one would hope Techland would capture the atmosphere of their own game, amirite? ;D) +1 for the car bomb, too. <3

I recently reviewed Dying Light, but if you want the short version of it all, here goes: If you have a friend or someone who will play co-op with you, Dying Light is a must-purchase. If you think you could possibly enjoy Dying Light, then I’d recommend picking it up. It’s well-executed, polished, has a great story and it’s fucking gorgeous.

Uh, Techland? Could we get a full-length feature film of this stuff? Kthnx.

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  1. I mean, it was okay. But a let down too. They captured Parkour sure, but I mean, the entire thing was kind of like REALLY? Even in the tower, they tell you not to go out without proper protection. Why were FOUR PEOPLE running around without pipes or wrenches? Why would he waste bullets shooting when the car bomb was about to go off anyway? WHY was he just standing there at the drop after gathering it like “WHICH WAY DO I GO GEORGE WHICH WAY DO I GO” Instead of just running. Nice effort, but a fail to me. Doesn’t do the game justice to me at all. The game was amazing.

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