Dream Log: My Future Husband

When I was 13 I began keeping a dream log, and in it I would transcribe the dreams I had the night before. It was a pretty sweet concept, but after a few years I stopped writing in it. In fact, I had completely forgotten about that damn log until I stumbled up on the freakin’ Word document last night.

Oh boy.

Now that I’m 23 you can imagine some of the, uh, cringe-worthiness that stems from reading some of these decade old dreams, but at the same time they’re all AWESOME. Well, most of them are. Ahem. Anyway, I figured if I came across any dreams you guys might find interesting, I’d share them with you.

WELL…it didn’t take long to find one I deemed share-worthy.

Remember this was written when I was 13… 

I TOTALLY REMEMBER THIS DREAM. I remember I was standing in this open room when everything went black — a golden Triforce materialized out of thin air and then Link appeared – he then began running around and slashing random bad dudes whilst grunting like he does when he rolls around.  Sadly, he was completely ignoring his soon-to-be wife. ::CRY:: 

And, um, in case you’re wondering…the other stuff is omitted because A) It’s one of those “OMFG WHY DID I DREAM THAT” dreams and B) I mentioned real names of real people that I’m still “friends” with on Facebook. Therefore I’m saving myself a lot of awkwardness in case they stumble upon this post. ;)

More to come…


    • It’s not only cute, dude, it’s fate. It’s what is meant to happen. It’s what I was born to do.

      Also, I may be lacking sleep.

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