Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Multiplayer

Diablo-esque….dungeon crawling…co-operative gameplay…runs concurrently to the main story…won’t impede on your main story in any way…isn’t required to experience everything in the single player game…MMMM mmm MMMMMMMMM.

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’m talking about. I love BioWare and trust them as far as Voyager 1 can, uh voyage (which is pretty fucking far) but truthfully I was a wee bit worried when I heard multiplayer would be a thing. But it sure as hell sounds like it’s everything I’d want in a co-operative shindig that revolves around Dragon Age, and hell, for any game in the future. I dislike PvP and the anxiety of, like, fighting with other people because I *have* to because I *have* to unlock certain things for the single player experience. Nah’ming? So. ::golf clap:: You go, boys and girls at BioWare.

And HEY! This will also give yours truly a temporary chance to branch of from the tried-and-true class of the warrior. (WARRIOR PRIIIIIIIDE!)


IGN broke the story and has experienced the mutliplayer first hand. For more info-may-shun, head over yonder.


  1. This better be a next-gen only thing, because honestly, this whole multiplayer thing is getting annoying. It seems like every game has to have some sort of multiplayer option, and while in some games it works (Borderlands 2), in most cases it’s completely unneeded!

  2. Hey Britt and any other cool peeps on this site. Friend me on PSN Bizzy-Blade- to play this, Destiny and Assassins Creed this Fall and Winter. Having fun is more important than skillz. HATE saying this but I cant wait for Winter!!!

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