I understand this may be hard to accept, but it’s kinda rare for yours truly to get SUPER amped for a game. I’m not talking about dropping the occasional “I’M SO STOKED FOR ____!” tweet or Facebook post, because there are generally quite a few games I look forward to. I’m moreso talking about going into full-fledged stalk mode. Y’know, when you scrounge the internet for articles regarding a particular game, read them and then RE-read them, watch trailers to the point of memorization, and, dammit, when you get that warm ‘n fuzzy sensation of giddy while simply thinkin’ about the damn game.

It kind of sounds like the beginning, “falling” stage of a relationship doesn’t it?

Just as a frame of reference, the last time I remember being that giddy for a game was while I was anticipating the launch of Harvest Moon 64. An unlikely candidate for sure, but every magazine preview CONSUMED my life. I hadn’t paid any attention to Harvest Moon SNES until much later after its launch, but nonetheless I fell madly in love with the farm simulator, and to see it photos and articles of it translated onto a bigger, badder platform (the N64) with improved features and gameplay mechanics — maaaaan.

I couldn’t get enough. I still vividly remember the Nintendo Power issue the HM64 preview was featured in — Donkey Kong 64 was the cover story, and it ultimately ended up thrashed and mutilated due to my consistent reading and re-reading of the Harvest Moon 64 preview.

I ripped this thing to shreds.

Okay, so where am I going with all of this? If you haven’t heard, Dragon Age: Inquisition is Game Informer’s cover story this month, and, well, after reading the piece I yet again am feeling warm ‘n fuzzies I haven’t felt since Harvest Moon 64. Yeah, yeah, I know — “WOOHOO BIG SURPRISE BRITT IS PERCITED [ that’s my strange substitute for excited] FOR A DRAGON AGE GAME.”

But, like, no. It’s not that simple. I never bought into the pre-release hype of Dragon Age: Origins simply because I was a loser back in the day, and I went into Dragon Age II blindly. (I purposefully didn’t read many previews or features because I wanted to be, erm, pleasantly surprised. Sadly, that kind of backfired.)

No wonder, then, I’m feeling these warm n’ fuzzies. It’s the same formula. Just like with Harvest Moon, I discovered Dragon Age: Origins a little later after everyone else, so I missed out on the original hype train. I’m kind of writing off Dragon Age II here, but now that I get to see Dragon Age: Inquisition being previewed as awesomely as it is (I mean, hello, have you read the feature?) it’s those SAME feels of anticipation, “good” anxiety and impatience I once felt with HM64. And, hey, this is the first time I’m able to join in on the (seemingly) universal excitement felt by the industry. Let me tell you, it’s an AMAZING feeling!

GI cover

So, yes. I’m eating this game up. And to quote myself: “I know as a game ‘professional’ or whatever you’re supposed to keep a cool, neutral, collected face. But fuck that. I want DA:I in my mouth.”

I believe the Game Informer issue won’t ship out for a few weeks, but you can download it now on your iThing (which is how I read it!) or whatever tablet device thing supports it. I don’t know how this shit truly works.

Excuse me while I re-re-read the feature, process my thoughts and proceed to go bat-shit crazy in another blog post. HNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHH


  1. Can’t. Freakin’. Wait. There’s still a dent in my couch from DA:O. Thanks for the heads-up, Britt!

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