Dragon Age: Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition Unboxing

WHY AM I SO WEIRD. Watch as I dorkishly (attempt) to open the Inquisitor’s Edition, and watch as I fail. Then watch as I explode with the excitement of a 11-year-old girl at a 1995 Backstreet Boys concert. (I was totally one of those. NICK CARTER FO LIFE.)


  1. Jealous! Kinda reminds me of the dark edition for witcher 2. I want it! At least I’ve got the game though..there’s the plus side. Of which I’m thoroughly and immensely enjoying. Ferelden for life

  2. This was a very entertaining unboxing. Thanks for sharing your epic lootz! PS. – Diggin’ the soundtrackage. Whazzat?

  3. Have I ever seen anything so gorgeous?….NO…..Oh wait, you meant the Dragon Age stuff??…then also NO :) The Lock pick Kit looks like A LOT of fun.

  4. That was cute and awesome! Have fun playing and stuff, and enjoying your new collection of Dragon age things! Fyi your audio/visual synch has been off the past few posts. ;-)

  5. YAY Britt, so cool to see you make a video on this. 11 minutes and 44 seconds of unabashed exuberance :D It’s like they made this edition just for you!

  6. Congrats on getting the Inquisitor’s Edition. I got one myself via mail and when it arrived, the contents were all over the place and my little owl map marker was broken :( Figured it might have been an error on the part of the manufacturer but after seeing that yours is the same I’m thinking the UPS people might have been less than careful. Oh well, at least everything else is in good condition. I’m looking forward to learning how to write with a quill now so I can fill up that journal XD

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