Dragon Age: Inquisition Hero of Thedas Trailer

Tears may or may not have welled in my eyes as I gazed up on the pure sex of a video you see above.

So uh holy shit. Dragon Age: Inquisition launches in 33 days and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to adequately prepare my mind and body. I mean, you guys know more than anyone just how long I’ve waited for Inquisition, and you know more than anyone just how obsessed I am with the franchise. To think it will finally be in my grasp in 33 days is just UNFFFFFF worthy. And hell, I know there are butt-tons of folks reading this who are just as excited and anxious as I am, and that just increases my excitement by a million percent.

I *might* be at that point where I stop reading all Dragon Age: Inquisition news just because I don’t care to know anything else before it launches. You know? Granted I could have stopped reading news right after the title had been announced back in 2012, buuuut hey. — HOLY CRAP 2012?! I feel like that announcement was made just yesterday! fjakdjflakdfjl. BUT YEAH. I mean, I don’t want to know anything else about Inquisition before it launches. I don’t need to. I wants to learns it and discovers it on my own.

Okay, I’m totally rambling. COME FRIENDS. LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW EXCITED WE ARE FOR DRAGON AGE INQUISITION HUMPHUMPHUMP. And not just excited for ourselves, but for the entire Dragon Age team. Those guys and gals have been working their asses off for so long now and I’m so so SO incredibly stoked/excited/ecstatic/squee’d for them.



  1. Love reading blogs of yours like this. Your excitement is contagious!! Christmas comes early for Britt this year :D

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