Destiny Sequel Already In Development (SURPRISE!)


“Work has also begun on future [Destiny] expansion packs as well as on our next full game release,” said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg during Activision Blizzard’s earnings call. “We’re very pleased with the launch and continuing engagement.” Hisherberg also dropped the lil’ ‘ol bomb that 9.5 million folks have become registered users.

Nooooot bad.

Seeing as I’m not a PvP kinda gal, I only played through Destiny’s main campaign (via co-op) before calling it quits. While I truly had a very fun time, I couldn’t help but feel pangs of disappointment as I slowly realized Destiny didn’t reach its full potential. Where was the lore? (Spoilers: on Destiny’s website.) The gorgeous, narrative cutscenes? Why did the enemies have to spawn in the same location? Why wasn’t exploration adequately rewarded? But instead of dwelling I tried to remind myself that this was the first title in the series, folks are still figuring this weird shooter/RPG/MMO hybrid thing out, there truly is a ton of potential for the future, yadda yadda yadda.

The announcement of a sequel (even if we saw it coming) is exciting. Bungie and Activision are well-aware of fan feedback, and of course changes will be implemented in the sequel, which will (hopefully) turn Destiny into the mind-blowing piece of awesomeness we thought this first one was going to be.

What do you think? What would you like to see changed in future Destiny titles?


  1. Feels a bit too soon to be announcing a sequel. The game hasn’t even been out for two whole months and they’re already trying to get ahead of the negative PR that this one generated upon its release.

    I would love to see Bungie improve on things and make the revolutionary game that everyone expected, but it’s Bungie, so I’m not expecting much to change given our past encounters. :/

    • Yeah it is pretty soon. But let’s keep out fingers toes and other body parts crossed for good luck, yeah? :D

      • Titanfall also announced the sequel pretty quick, but that game was successful. I’m seeing this a lot in TV and media lately. Announcing quickly that something will get a second iteration (or season) early on, so fans know its worth investing their time in the first iteration (or season).

      • yeah it’s nice that bungie made a halo for another generation but I wish they could of made another cortana you know

  2. The vast majority of the game is really the progression from 20 to 30. I also felt the game was pretty thin until I got into that part. Very mmo-ish once you do that part

    • That’s what I’ve heard. I only do so many strikes and whatnot, though, before I poop out. Is that what you’re doing?

      • sort of. At first 20-24 you’re trying to build faction and earn vanguard marks (a type of currency) to buy legendary gear. This gear can also drop randomly, but most people buy it. Strikes, daily missions, weekly missions, bounties, etc all earn it. Once you buy and level up a full set of legendary armor you will be level 27, with one exotic piece you can be 28. Then its all about raiding.

        You’ll also be trying to do a few other things on the side like earn shards and energies (components to upgrade rare armor) and harvesting common components around the world while doing bounties and stuff. All this is needed to upgrade your amor and weapons, which in turn raises your level.

        All of this really focuses on the raid which is hard, but not insane. Its hard in the fun, cooperative way. The only thing I dislike is that you can only get loot from it once a week, and there’s only the 1 raid. They are adding another soon, which should help break up the monotony a bit once you hit 28.

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