Derp of War

derp of war

Okay, okay — I know generally it’s frowned upon to make fun of one’s terrible personal life choices, but HOLY CRAP whoever got this God of War tattoo really made a terrible personal life choice and by publicly stating that, I’m aware that I am being frowned upon.


But for serious, if the person who received this tattoo is unhappy with it (as he/she should be) I hope they can get it, like, fixed to lookin’ something like this:

God of War

And that, ladies and gentlemen is what we would call an insta-lay in my book.


  1. I’m generally not a tattoo person, but if I had the body to pull that off I might consider it because it looks pretty badass. But if I got it now it would just look like God of Fudge, and no one wants to see that.

  2. Just happened across this today. I was the person who submitted the Derp of War image to Cheezburger, and am amused to see it spreading. This tattoo came from a local tattoo shop (using that term lightly). Everyone in the area knows that the guy is the worst “artist” in the city, but people still go to him, coming out with results like this. As far as I’m concerned, if you know about the low quality of work a tattoo artist produces, but still go to them, then you deserve exactly what you pay for.

  3. TBH, the face on the back is off too (Mongoloid of War) and the tattoo is lame too, but of course not AS lame.

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