Dear Mario

Right in the feels, man. Right in the feels.

Like, this might sound weird because it’s a song from Peach to Mario, but hey, we’re all weirdos here so I’ll just go out and say it: This is legitimately a BEAUTIFUL song and I feel like Elspeth completely and totally nails the voice of Peach.

And for the record, I want to be best friends with this girl. YOU HEAR ME ELSPETH?! WE’RE DESTINED! (Aaaand there goes my chance.)

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Dear Mario
I baked a cake for you
And it’s in the castle if you wanna meet me there
I put some strawberries right on the top
Because I know that you don’t get them a lot
In the shape of a star
Cuz that’s what you are to me,

Dear Mario
I’m always here for you
And this is a story I don’t think will ever end,
All the Koopas in every world
Couldn’t coop me up from being your girl,
So Mario, I’ll be waiting by the stairs.
Right in the castle, if you wanna meet me there.

Dear Mario,
Hope everything’s great for you,
Hope you got my letter, wherever you are,
I’m in Delfino enjoying warm weather,
Just like it always is when we’re together,
Jumping around on platforms up so high
So Mario, I’ll be waiting in the sky.
On Isle Delfino, if you wanna stop on by.

And I remember when Toad introduced us,
And he said destiny was gonna choose us
We’re still in love, even worlds apart
Mario, you still have my heart,

Dear Mario,
I’m feeling older now,
And it’s kinda cold up here in the galaxy
I think I might wish on a star or two
Because they always reminds me of you
And I’ll have Bowser cook the steak
And we’ll get Yoshi and Luigi to bake the cake
And we can have a party, maybe even race some cars,
So Mario, we’ll be waiting, in the stars.
Right here on the spaceship, waiting underneath the stars.
Your friends are always in the castle of your heart.


  1. Usually these songs have good lyrics and suspect singing, but she totally nailed it in both departments. Definitely gonna check out some of her other work.

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