Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Admittedly¬†I’ve never been a huge Dead Rising fan. (I gave the first a go, and while it didn’t win my zombie-loving-heart, I derived great pleasure from attempting to kill a zombie with a stuffed teddy bear!) BUT, uhhhh, hi, after seeing this trailer it’s safe to say my pants are a bit tight. That may or may not be because of the protagonist, Nick Ramos. He’s very studly, wouldn’t you agree? Or it could be the zombies. They’re quite studly too. Hell, even the girl is studly.

Tight pants aside, I think we’ve all been a bit burned by “amazing” zombie CG trailers in the past (I’m sorta-kinda rolling my eyes at you, Dead Island. But JUST sorta-kinda. You weren’t all that bad) — however, I’ve been following Dead Rising 3 since its reveal at E3, and Britt’s a’likin what she’s a’hearin. Supposedly the game world is TRULY open world — larger than the first two worlds combined with no loading times– and the time limit has been ex-nayed. You will also be able to save your game anywhere, not just in a bathroom (HA!), and the game supports co-op throughout the entire campaign. Right. On.

But hey, if you’re a crazy mofo and hate the ability to save and LOOOOOVE time limits, you can play on Dead Rising 3’s Nightmare mode. Y’know, if you like pain and torture and all of that. ;)

So, whatcha think? Looks like something you’d be willing to invest $60 for?

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  1. At first I thought it was a little over the top but by the end I had a big excited grin on my face. If other gamers don’t get excited over this then they’ve already turned their backs and are going to get a PS4.

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