Creeper WTF

Okay, I’ve never played Minecraft. It’s something I’ve always considered, but after hearing all of you tell me how addicting it is and whatnot I’ve tried to stay away (and instead succumbed to WoW, because that makes perfect sense). But, um, now I don’t think I’ll EVER play Minecraft because this Creeper is scary as fuck and is 112% unseeable.

So, to all of you Minecraft fans: enjoy. As for me I’ll stick to not voluntarily causing myself to crap my pants by looking at this any longer.


  1. Ohhh cmon britt :) the creeper is actually cute in game….. unless it chases you and explodes and fucks your world up LOL but it’s fun to play with amigos :D if you get it for PC or Xbox i am sure you will have fun :D

      • Yeah you can get your stuff back but if there is like a bajillion chasing you and they explode the they can destroy the stuff your dropped being being killed by the 1st creeper which is no bueno… BUT you can always set the difficulty to “peacefull” which means no monsters will ever appear and u can build stuff without worry :D
        there is also other modes like “creative mode” which basically has infinite amount of blocks to build stuff and “adventure mode” i havent gotten to this mode since i only play it on the xbox and they havent gotten that mode yet but soon to be released by this month or early oct :)
        But you can try out the demo on the xbox when you got time :)

        and cmon who doesnt wanna have pet dogs to save your life when encountering these creepers :P

  2. They’re not that terrifying in the game thank god. My kids are scared of them blowing up their house though lol. I will say this though, Like Mark said, you will have fun with it. I have it on the PC and Xbox but lately I’ve been favoring the Xbox one. I love playing it online with a bunch of friends. Hilarity Ensues

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