Couple Sells Children To Support Online Gaming Hobby

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So, hey! Did you hear about that couple in China who sold two of their children to child traffickers so aforementioned couple could continue to support their online gaming habits and addiction to purchasing in-game items? No? Oh. WELL I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU.

A Mei (a woman in china) was (and still probably is) in a relationship with a gentleman named A Hui. Now, A Mei and A Hui did the dirty and A Mei became pregnant. Knocked up. He put a bun in her oven. However A Hui claimed he had no intention of financially supporting the child because, hello, it made WAY more sense to put their “collective resources” (aka money) towards in-game purchases. And because the child was nothing more than a financial burden, a lump of flesh and bone and a distraction to their online gaming, they, uh, sold him to Fujian-based child traffickers to rid themselves of the obligations of parenthood.

BUT WAIT! A Mei became pregnant AGAIN! But A Hui wasn’t having it, oh no! He had armor to buy, weapons to add to his collection! So they also sold their second child to traffickers because, man, who can afford a child when you’re spending all of your money on gaming? Geez. The nerve of that child. Who’s life was he trying to wreck, anyway?

A Hui’s father knew what was going on, however, and reported them to police. A Hui and A Mei are in jail awaiting trial.

Despite the buttloads of sarcasm above, this is extremely, EXTREMELY fucking sad. I can’t even wrap my head around this. I’ll just leave it at that.


  1. Man, I kinda wanna know what game this is that they couldn’t get enough money to buy all of the in-game stuff after the first kid.

    But in all seriousness, there are no words for how deplorable these people are. I don’t even think jail is a good enough punishment for these idiots.

    • Y’know, I was kinda curious as to what the game is myself. Buuuut it’s probably for the best it doesn’t get out!

  2. While this is a very sad story about very bad people, I do love the way you describe pregnancy.

  3. Sad excuse for people.

    At ages 5&7, my kids are interested in becoming party members for FFXIV since they’re bored to tears with everything else.

    Bet those two degenerates from the article aren’t even very good at whatever game they played.

    I’m not really sure where I’m going with this comment…. I ramble when I’m angry.

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