CONTEST: Win something nerdy from Banners on the Cheap! ***CLOSED***


Remember this little gem I received from Banners on the Cheap?

Would you like something like this of your own?

If so, you’re in luck! League of Hot Geeks and I are working with Banners on the Cheap to give away a customized banner, sign, canvas, or magnet!

Wanna enter? Leave me a comment below telling me what design you would get and on what product. Want the Skyrim map imprinted on canvas? Want your favorite Mario or Sonic level slapped on a banner? What a magnet that says “OHAI BLONDENERD.COM ROX MY SOCKS!”? We can make it happen! (Also, I may or may not love you forever for that one! ;D)

For more information on what exactly you’d be getting, here are some links to help you:

Car Magnets
Cheap Signs
Photos On Canvas

We’ll close the contest on Thursday and a winner will be chosen at random. (If you send me an Alistair stripper the odds may sway in your favor. I KID. Kind of. No, really, I kid. Sorta.)

GOOD LUCK!!! <3 <3 <3


  1. I’d say a canvas map of LA with all the we’re alive locations labelled, also all the local costco’s for obvious reasons

  2. A map of the ENORMOUS 7th Saga world with present and past cities marked! That’d be hard as hell to do!

  3. The original NES Zelda map on canvas would look lovely next to a movie size poster of you with OHAI! printed on it!

  4. I want something on the topic of “thrall’s balls” if u seen him a world of warcraft. Heis a shaman so he has this necklace with huugee balls on it.

  5. For me it would probably be the areas from God Of War (somehow.) Barring that, Skyrim/Tamriel. Although I would LOVE this:

  6. A photograph of the Oracle from the Matrix. With the words set into the photograph, “Cookies need love like everything does.”

  7. I would want a stunning sunset Red Dead Redemption shot of John Marston in the countryside with open land in front of him as the sky is glowing orange. Awesome.

  8. I just got into playing Risk: Legacy super heavy, so I would want a map of the current state of our Earth in game, complete with added markers. That way I could run strategy on off days, giving me a better shot at dominating the world in games 8-15.

  9. “I know what you like, honey. I’ll put on the Link mask.” On a magnet or a banner would be pretty cool.

  10. I would love this Alex Ross Harley & Joker pictures on Canvas. One of My daughters is actually named Harlee Quinn (yes, spelled that way). Or a the picture of Harley and Ivy from the episode of the cartoon where they make Bruce Wayne buy them a bunch of stuff because I have twin girls and the other one was SUPPOSED to be named Ivy, but the wife vetoed it :(

    Anyway, links:

    Harley and Ivy :

    Harley and Joker:

  11. I spent the last two days trying to decide what I’d get, and I finally think I’ve got it, two ideas.Key words being I think.
    My favorite series have all been Capcom games (except Pokemon) and they created my favorite monster: the Licker. I want one climbing up the hotel from RE Outbreak, and where he has is claws dug into the building, just massive cracks emanating from it.

    Or one of Regina (Dino Crisis) in more of a tender moment while still being a badass feminine heroine. Both on canvas since, honestly, canvas just looks better.

  12. Sooo tough to choose, I kinda wanna have a banner having everything geeky I love on it! But yea, that would be one helluva mess. Hmm ok, then I’d probably have to narrow it down to either a picture of all my squadmates from Mass Effect (or at least personal favourites), or this picture of the Citadel.

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