Concept Art from that Dead BioShock Movie

If you recall, the BioShock film was “killed” by Ken Levine (his words, not mine) after a director SNAFU earlier last year. Progress had been made on the film, though, and the then-film concept artist Jim Martin just published several of his renditions of Rapture. If these were seriously what they were working with, it looks like there may have been hope!

rapture 5

rapture 4

Rapture 3

rapture 2


While the film’s slaughter was probably for the best, it’s still neat to gaze upon the concept art. I dig it. It almost makes me wish the film would have become a thing that would actually have, you know, happened. Almost.

Check out Jim’s BioShock gallery here.


  1. I am a huge Bioshock fan. And while I am saddened by the fact that the movie was killed, I am always for a studio killing a movie before it becomes some Uwe Bollesque piece of trash. I straight up love these concept art pieces, like in a way that a man should never love a drawing, Particularly the first piece.

  2. I’ve always thought that Ken Levine made a mistake in shutting down production. In Hollywood it’s actually very uncommon for the source writer to actually have that kind of control, and there’s a good reason for that: things change. David Cronenberg once said that in order to make a good adaptation you have to, ‘betray the original.’ He was right, in order to turn the 15 hour first person shooter into a 90 minute movie some things had to go out the window, some ideas had to change, some subtlety may have been lost, and I’m sure Ken got nervous. That said, I’m sure Michael Chricton got nervous at some point during Jurassic Park’s production; the difference was that Chricton didn’t have the power to pull the plug.

    It’s a shame, the world lost out on an intelligent, atmospheric horror movie. I guess we can stick to watching crappy paranormal activity garbage a while longer

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