Conan Reviews “The Witcher: Wild Hunt”

To be coooompletley transparent with you oh-so-rad people of the world, I made it about two minutes into this video before I skipped ahead to gameplay at 5:35 BECAUSE I WANT TO BE SURPRISED BY THE CUTSCENES. Then I skipped ahead to 9:05 because I seriously don’t want to know anything about the game I don’t already know. I skipped ahead again and saw a certain scene that may or may not include a unicorn BUT THEN I DIDN’T WANT TO WATCH ANYMORE. (<—this girl is terrified of spoilers.)

But from what I saw, this was hilarious. I love how Conan was all about getting laid. lolololol.

May 19th, people. We’re almost there.

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  1. Haven’t played a single Witcher title yet (although I think I own both of them….) but I seriously want to pick this up.

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